The Profit Plan your solution to complicated business finances.

Your all-in-one customised plan to take your business finances soaring to where you dream them to be, even if they currently feel complex, overwhelming or down-right scary…


let’s talk about the stuff most people 

don’t want to talk about


(I know it’s why you’re here, so I will make it as pain-free as possible.)

  • Have you been feeling resistant to sitting down and checking out your biz cash? (And I’m not talking about checking your bank balance occasionally.)
    Like really checking it…
  • Is your revenue at the the same place it was last year?
  • Do you lay awake at night thinking about how you can fund your next project? You know the work is important, but how can you get it funded with ease?
  • Do you hear other people talk about making their business money work for them to bring their dreams to life, but have no idea how to do it for yourself?


“The truth is that many women in business let their fears and overwhelm around money keep them playing small. Even if they know they are capable of more. More revenue, more growth, more impact in the world, in a way that matters to them.”

If this sounds like you, read on. I’ve got your covered!

The problem with running a business today in this tap and go, cash-less, pay that in 30-days, but chase up payment from our client today kinda world, is that it’s just so damn hard to keep track of everything!

Money in and money out, then the tax office lets you know you’re on their radar… I’m sure you wonder how other businesses manage to keep it all on track and not loose their minds in the process.

It can be especially confusing to manage all this if you’re bringing in 6-figures or more! 

>> Some women entrepreneurs find financial reports confusing, overwhelming, scary or just plain boring. (Let’s not get started on calculations and ratios!)

>> They’re disheartened that most of the financial tasks are for the tax department, not themselves. What do they need to know to make strategic decisions?

>> Or that their TO-DO list is now so long, they can’t even track important numbers or tasks in their head. Your gut instinct was enough, but now the risk is much higher.

>> They simply dream of a time when business was more simple… only a few bills to pay, no paying tax in advance or carrying the weight of it all on your shoulders.


I hear this often from many purpose-driven women led businesses. I can see them working hard and making a difference and I understand when they tell me ‘I’m too busy for all of this!’ They ask, what is the fastest, most effective path to simplifying, going pro with all this stuff so I can sleep at night and get on with the real work.

Well, the profit plan came about for these reasons...

I get asked similar questions ALL.THE.TIME.

It’s completely normal, as your business grows.

The Profit Plan is not your usual grey-suit accountant lingo, let’s plan your tax kinda consult.

(I officially don’t own any grey-suits, or do taxes!)

But what it does cover, in language designed especially for women in business, just like you, is clear, understandable, genuine guidance as to setting up and running your business finances in a proven method that just keeps those stress-filled days at bay.

Financial Freedom solution. The Profit Plan.

The Profit Plan is the solution if you’re wondering if your business finances are on steady ground. Did you know that going-pro with your business finances is the way to up-level your business to reach that next big important goal? Whether it’s 6 -figures to 7-figures, helping more clients, or just simply making a bigger impact, sorting out the way you in your business handle, reports and ultimately decides what to do with its money is the basis of financial freedom. 


The profit plan is for you if...

  • As an experienced women-led business you need reassurance of the next big financial step
  • Your business income is starting to plateau
  • As your business grows, your are expending too much energy and time on financial tasks
  • You are selling more than last year, but your profit is NOT increasing at a similar rate

This is not for you if...

  • You're not prepared to combine your great instincts with financial data to find the right strategy to reach your goals. I believe you need both in a business with 6-figures.
  • You want to make profit at no matter the cost. I believe in PROFIT + PURPOSE. There's room for both!
  • If you're not prepared to make some changes. It's going to take collaboration between you and I to level-up your biz finance game

i have heard women ENTREPRENEURS say
- i'm just not good with numbers -

(Don’t stress, I won’t be asking you to do hefty calculations in your head, at any point!

I promise.)

I know it may be hard to imagine right now, but believe me when I say your business finances really can work like a well-oiled machine. Freeing you up to focus on what your heart desires for your business, achieve your financial dreams and gain back you time and brain ‘space’, quicker than your ever thought possible. 

Money stress can be a thing of the past, and I can show you how to do it!

Hi! I'm Lynda.

I started my work in finance as an accountant in a large global company, dealing with a bank account with over $100 million in it (and this was a decade ago now!). But through the process of working with simple yet streamlined systems, it could have been a bank account with $100 in for all I knew.

And as time went on, I saw the success of this business ride on the idea that key decision makers in the business not only knew exactly what money they were making, but they did it in a way that meant they made awesome decisions about the next steps to take. Ultimately, they had a damn good idea of how they were going to hit the goals they had set and the information to guide them there.

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to be approached by a free-spirited, highly-motivated business owner that needed some help. And in my spare time, I started to help reshape and up-level her finance systems and strategies, using these key ideas from my previous career. This lead me to eventually giving up my corporate job to pursue helping purpose driven women entrepreneurs- just like you!

some benefits my clients experience straight away
when we start working together:

Less time stressing, more time focusing on what matters
Better understanding of how and when they make their money

Conversations shift from being centred around worry or anxiety, to big dreams and goals
Feeling reassured and more certain in the financial decision making

Increased financial confidence and clarity
The weight of carrying the business’ financial future on their own is lessened


  • Your Profit Clarity Guide
    This workbook is the go-to starting point for any business wanting to know the key elements that make or break any businesses finances. These are the main driving force to thriving (from a financial perspective). It also covers many aspects of your existing finance life in your biz and gives you some space and direction to truly get clear where you are, and where you’re heading.
  • The Profit Plan Deep Dive
    This dedicated 90 minute session looks at what’s happening (and what’s not happening) in your business finances. No judgement here! I will guide you step-by-step to cover the 5 key areas of any business needs transform, upgrade or just simplify the current situation. Because really, if biz finances are overwhelming you, I will be able to identify right here any red flags to the causes of that kinda stress. (No-one needs that kinda stress in their lives.)
  • Your Profit Plan Recommendation session
    This 60 minute session is where I take all the info you’ve provided me and meld it with my superpower and turn it into a plan to stream-line and bust through any finance issues you’re currently facing. This session is your no BS- advice as to the main areas you need to improve to sleep better at night and gain back clarity around your profit.
  • Your Profit Plan Report
    This downloadable, printable, customised report is for you to use as you go-to guide and you can go back to it over and over when you feel overwhelmed. This action based plan to up-level your business finances is the key for clarity and transparency. This plan is designed for you, the business owner, not a finance guru or tax professional. And I can guarantee you don’t need to be a maths genius to use it.
  • Bonuses just for you
    .. How-to instructions, for any of the suggested ‘course’ corrections I might advise in Your Profit Plan
    .. An implementation checklist, so no task or improvement goes astray
    .. A Cash Flow template- ready for you to jot down big movements of cash, your visual reminder of the big months (and the not so big months) when it comes to money going in and out in your business.

- the profit plan is perfect for you if -

>> You are a purpose-driven women entrepreneur

>> You are making 6-figures or more revenue in your business per annum

>> You are ready to go pro with your business finances so you can back to your zone of genius

>> You want to be a force for good in the world

>> You know that basing your business decisions on instinct and data will make you unstoppable

>> You’re looking for tailored advice from an expert and you’re willing to accept that level of support

<< results and feedback from the profit plan >>

.. Know exactly what your expenses are each and every month ..

.. Sleep well at night ..

.. Not be surprised but unexpected tax bills ..

.. Have the brain ‘space’ back to get creative again ..

.. Have the stress that been building in your chest around paying all your bills decrease ..

.. No longer question what’s going to happen with your regular outgoing and sales ..

.. Work from a proactive instead of reactive place in your biz finances ..

.. Take steps that move you towards your finance goals and stretch your next level of income ..

.. Begin to dream big about your business, because you know you’ve got the biz finances sorted ..

we cover a lot of ground in this plan
and it's all for


Some women business owners say to me, but I have a bookkeeper, isn’t that enough? 

My response is, if you feel satisfied with the level of clarity and completeness that it is giving you in your business finances, then that’s perfect. You will have an inkling or feeling is you need something more.

I’ve also heard from women in biz, that my tax accountant is great, they always give me direction at tax time. That’s great also, I know plenty of fantastic tax accountants that give amazing tax advice. But if you’re looking for direction to set up your finance systems, strategies and reporting to not only satisfy the tax office, but also to satisfy your own desire for a better way to run your finances or make more money than not every tax accountant is not suited to this. Tax time is a time for doing your tax, the rest of the year is the time for improving, understand, gaining clarity or dreaming about how you want your business finances to look and feel.

One of the most common comments I have heard is that business owners is that I have used my gut instinct to get this far. I am led by my intuition. Why would I replace this with data and reports now? No-one is asking you to, I think the sign of a great women entrepreneur is that they definitely use their own wisdom and guidance to run their business. What The Profit Plan is about, is creating ease and flow in the financial arena of your business. It also adds an extra level of understanding to what your being guided to do, create or achieve. I like to think of it as INSTINCT + DATA = GUIDED INSIGHTS. They work hand in hand.

If you're feeling the pull to create a smoother, sustainable way to work your money in your business, then let me walk you through the plan to bring sanity and direction back.

I'm committed to working only with people i feel confident i can help. Click the button below to see if we are a good fit.


Q: I’m a super busy business owner, how much time will this take to do?

A: Your Profit Plan, once completed, can be implemented in your own time. There will be tasks you may want sorted and up to shipshape straight away (and I’ll highlight those for you), and other tasks will be a work in progress. Either way your quick reference checklist and how-to articles will be ready and in your inbox to guide the way.

Q: Will the Profit Plan work for my business?

A: Yes! I truly believe removing the biggest barrier to women in biz succeeding is through using fundamental financial tactics to upgrade their business finances, just like Your Profit Plan will be customized to your business, in addition, there are tasks every business needs to complete or have sorted in their finances. The basis of running a business is taking your special skill or product (your superpower) and exchanging it for money. And as most business owners hope- to make a difference along the way. In the Profit Plan I will take you through each of these 5 areas that will work for your business. 

Any further questions?

Email and I’ll respond!

If you know it’s time for a new era in your business financials, I’m here to help. Click the button below to learn more about The Profit Plan.

I’m excited to help you uncomplicate your finances so that 

you can focus on what matters in your business!

P.S. Imagine what it will be like when you wake up and focus on your business, not stressing about biz money, have financial freedom to decide what it is that you want to do to make a difference. I can’t wait to hear about, let’s talk about how to get there.